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Floatron is a module available in IIslands of War.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Floatrons are the primary tool for keeping you away from oblivion, and maintaining the Island in the safe zone on the battlespace. Floatrons are as important as warp drives, as if the Island cannot support itself aloft, it will be considered destroyed regardless of anything else.

List[edit | edit source]

Item Rarity Description Health Mass Properties Value
Floatron basic.png
basic floatron
Common keeps your island afloat 10 10 tons 400kN thrust

2% dodge chance

Floatron advanced.png
advanced floatron
Epic keeps your island afloat 20 20 tons 900kN thrust

3% dodge chance

Floatron complex.png
complex floatron
Legendary keeps your island afloat 30 40 tons 2000kN thrust

5% dodge chance

Floatron ultimate.png
ultimate floatron
Glitched keeps your massive island afloat 30 40 tons 4500kN thrust

10% dodge chance