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IIslands of War
Release date(s)
Island combat simulator

IIslands of War is an insanely addictive game where you pilot a floating island - dirt, trees, and all - bristling with guns, lasers, missiles, and what not, fighting other islands to the... Well, death, I suppose?

Story[edit | edit source]

A long time ago, our earth cracked apart. Among the remains, we took to the skies, creating floating islands to sustain us. For centuries, we have prospered in peace, thriving in the world we have built for ourselves.

But now, terrorists known as the Dark Order threaten to blow us out of the sky once and for all. You must build your island to destroy these tiny garbage loving nitwits before they eradicate humanity.

These are IIslands of War!

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

  • Eight realms to pass through building up your floating iisland (everyone in the Discord spells it with 2 "i"-s because of the game name) to be something great.
  • Over 150 cool things to make your iisland great.
  • Dozens of enemy iislands to shoot down or somewhat befriend on your adventure.
  • Serious chance of "just one more turn" (it may not be a turn-based game, but I don't care what you say.) syndrome kicking in.

Technical support[edit | edit source]

IIslands of War Wiki is focused on creating the definitive guide to IIslands of War. However, while we make an effort to be complete, which may include documenting game bugs and fixes for them, we are not an official game support channel.

The official game support channels can be found here:

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