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Projectile weapons are the most basic and straightforward type of weapon in IIslands of War, although far from the easiest to master.

Overview[edit | edit source]

This class of weapon fires cannonballs that explode on impact, dealing damage to the block. They arc slightly in flight and are very effective at defeating shields and can be reliably destroyed with counter-fire. On the plus side, projectile weapons tend to be fast loading, cheap, and deal damage reliably. However, using them effectively requires practice.

There are three main types: Shot, Burst, and Multishot.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Shot[edit | edit source]

Cannon info.png Quickshot info.png Dualshot info.png Quadshot info.png Minicannon info.png Megacannon info.png Microcannon info.png

Burst[edit | edit source]

Ternion info.png Machine gun info.png Gatling gun info.png

Multishot[edit | edit source]

Spreadgun info.png Shotgun info.png File:Double-barreled shotgun info.png