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Realms refers to the map you traverse in IIslands of War. You have to play through eight of them in order to confront the Big Badtm and save the... Well, not the world, so much as the amalgamation of weird floaty islands that were left in the wake of the Boom.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Each Realm is randomly generated and no two are alike. While moving through the realms, you are constantly moving forward, picking paths, and cannot move back. As such, having a rough idea of where you want to go and when you want to visit an eg. forge is a generally good idea.

Things of note[edit | edit source]

Location enemy easy.png
An easy enemy can be found at this location (easy being quite relative).
Location enemy medium.png
Medium difficulty encounter.
Location enemy hard.png
High difficulty enemy. Bring hip waders.
Location enemy final.png
The Final Boss' Location.
Location forge.png
A Forge.
Location portal.png
A portal to the next realm.
Location shop.png
Shops. Allow you to purchase fancy new digs for your island.
Location treasure.png
Free loot. No, really, free loot, no strings attached.
Location unknown.png
A random encounter. Might be free loot, might be a dreadnought.