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Tech is a special upgrade that can be applied to any item at a forge.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Tech basically modifies the current properties of the item by either a set value or a percentage of the original stats. Tech can boost a certain property by up to 250% (for health, damage, etc) or lower the property by as little as 25% of the original (for cooldowns, mass, etc).

List[edit | edit source]

Name Image Rarity Effect
basic propulsor
Propulsor basic.png
Common increases thrust by 20%
advanced propulsor
Propulsor advanced.png
Rare increases thrust by 40%
complex propulsor
Propulsor complex.png
Legendary increases thrust by 60%
basic accelerator
Accelerator basic.png
Epic decreases weapon cooldown time by 5%
advanced accelerator
Accelerator advanced.png
Legendary decreases weapon cooldown time by 10%
complex accelerator
Accelerator complex.png
Mythic decreases weapon cooldown time by 15%
basic reinforcement
Reinforcement basic.png
Rare increases health by 10%
advanced reinforcement
Reinforcement advanced.png
Epic increases health by 20%
complex reinforcement
Reinforcement complex.png
Mythic increases health by 30%
basic antimatter capsule
Anitmatter capusle basic.png
Rare reduces mass by 15 tonnes
advanced antimatter capsule
Antimatter capsule advanced.png
Epic reduces mass by 35 tonnes
complex antimatter capsule
Antimatter capsule complex.png
Legendary reduces mass by 70 tonnes
basic ultramplifier
Ultramplifier basic.png
Rare increases crit(x2) chance by 10%
advanced ultramplifier
Ultramplifier advanced.png
Epic increases crit(x2) chance by 20%
complex ultramplifier
Ultramplifier complex.png
Mythic increases crit(x2) chance by 30%
basic firepower unit
Firepower unit basic.png
Epic increases damage by 10%
advanced firepower unit
Firepower unit advanced.png
Legendary increases damage by 20%
complex firepower unit
Firepower unit complex.png
Mythic increases damage by 30%
basic nuclearizer
Nuclearizer basic.png
Rare increases energy generation by 10%
advanced nuclearizer
Nuclearizer advanced.png
Epic increases energy generation by 20%
complex nuclearizer
Nuclearizer complex.png
Legendary increases energy generation by 30%
basic supercapacitor
Rare increases energy capacity by 2 kJ
advanced supercapacitor
Supercapacitor advanced.png
Epic increases energy capacity by 4 kJ
complex supercapacitor
Supercapacitor complex.png
Legendary increases energy capacity by 9 kJ
basic augmentator
Augmentator basic.png
Epic contains a bit of experience
advanced augmentator
Augmentator advanced.png
Legendary contains some experience
complex augmentator
Augmentator complex.png
Mythic contains a lot of experience
barrel extender
Barrel extender.png
Rare increases weapon range by 25%
barrel choke
Barrel extender.png
Rare decreases damage spread by 25%
barrel suppressor
Barrel extender.png
Rare decreases recoil by 50%
barrel piercer
Barrel extender.png
Epic increases damage penetration by 1
laser trigger
Laser trigger.png
Rare fires the weapon when the enemy is in range
surge protector
Surge protector.png
Epic decreases shield overload time by 1 second
Turbo charger.png
Epic increases shield generation by 25%
tactical servo
Rotating servo.png
Legendary increases rotation speed by 15 degrees per second
energy cycler
Energy Cycler.png
Epic decreases energy use by 1
Legendary increases health regeneration by 3
ammunition box
Ammunition box.png
Epic increases stored ammunition by 1
shock absorber
Shock Absorber.png
Epic absorbs more impact damage and increases durability by 30%
reinforced bullet
Ammunition stash.png
Legendary increases projectile health by 90%
targeting system
Targeting system.png
Legendary allows projectiles to follow the mouse
rocket propellant
Rocket Propellant.png
Rare increases final velocity and acceleration
Epic increases shield damage by 1
Rare increases dodge chance by 50%
health extractor
Health Extractor.png
Legendary increases lifesteal by 20%